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You might wonder what the difference is between first-year accounting and later stage unless you change your accounting period. It is mainly with the filing of annual tax returns if the company is incorporated on any day other than the first or last day of the month it will be the following. For example, if the company is registered on the 9th of November their first accounting period will be up until the 30th of November next year. The HMRC does not allow you to prepare the tax return for more than 365 days therefore you will have to submit 2 tax returns. One is for the whole year from the start of the period (from 9th to 8th of November) and second will be from 9th to 30th of November.
Our online accounting services start at £100+VAT and are priced based solely on the number of transactions you make. Persona Finance is concerned with the growth of our clients' businesses, so we offer Packages that include all necessary services as well as year-round support from our professional advisors.
We are a London-based accounting company that provides a prompt and efficient service that includes all document preparation and filing with Companies House and HMRC.
For questions about our monthly package, please contact Persona Finance at +443300271860 or
Persona Finance Ltd strongly advises submitting to both HMRC and Companies House at the same time to ensure that everything is correct and you are fully compliant. Accounting filing will be done simultaneously to both governmental organisations using our online professional services.
Nobody wants to be served with a hefty HMRC fine for failing to file their accounts on time and with errors. It may surprise you to learn that failing to complete your Year End accounts accurately is a criminal offence! That is why you need an online accounting firm like Persona Finance to help you make sure everything is done correctly and on time.

Annual Accounts for Limited Company

Limited Company: Companies House and HMRC require limited companies to file annual accounts. Companies House will set your year end as a year after the end of the month in which you formed the company if you run your business through a Limited Company.

Every new company in the United Kingdom must be aware of the reports that must be submitted to governmental bodies after the company is established. The most important are your Annual Accounts (also known as Year-End, Statutory, or Company Accounts) to Companies House and your Tax Return to HMRC. These accounts contain your year-end accounting data, including income statements, balance sheets, and directors' reports.

Your company could be dormant, which means you haven't traded in a year. If your company is in business, you must submit accounts not only to Companies House but also to HMRC along with your tax return. All new companies have a 9-month filing deadline for annual accounts and a 12-month filing deadline for tax returns after their first accounting period ends.
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