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Persona Finance provides assistance to companies of all sizes and industries with contract writing and reviewing. Two commercial contracts of the same type will never be the same, as the contents and the wording of the documents have to be tailored to specific circumstances of a business. Understanding your business is an important step in deciding whether it protects your business and your interests.

Your personal business lawyer will take the time to learn about your business and your goals. This will help you to be informed about contract recommendations.

Therefore, whether you are a start-up company considering signing a contract for the first time or a long-standing company that needs to review your current contract and terms, our contract lawyers are committed to managing and minimising risk.

Writing New Contracts
Whilst it's possible to write down your own contracts, without an understanding of business law, you can open your business to legal risks.

A business lawyer is capable of drafting an agreement that could protect your business legally.

Before drawing up any contracts, your personal agreement lawyer will take some time to find out about your business and its objectives. This allows us to make contracts that will be tailor-made and beneficial for your business and its operations.

Reviewing Existing Contracts
If you've got current contracts in your company, they may need a review by a professional. This might be due to adjustments required for your commercial business or specificities in legislation that must be adopted by a contract.

Failure to check your current contracts frequently may lead to your commercial business being unprotected. For instance, in terms of litigation, lack of sales and reputational damage.

Your legal professionals may be capable of evaluating every line of your current contracts. After that, they could let you know of any adjustments that can be implemented.

Type of Contracts that
Persona Finance Drafts and Reviews
At Persona Finance, we can draft and review a wide range of commercial contracts. Our aim is to protect your business; thus, we are focused on a high level of attention to detail. See the types of contracts with descriptions below:
Business Terms & Conditions
Having the correct terms and conditions in place is critical to any organisation's success, but navigating the terms of such contracts may be difficult and complicated for any business owner. We can assess your present business conditions and collaborate with you to establish terms and conditions that are unique to your company.
Shareholder Agreement
The appropriate Shareholder Agreement in place lays out the ground rules for how the company functions. We can help you with a variety of terms to put in your shareholders' agreement.
Partnership Agreements
The Partnership Act is not appropriate for all partnerships, and you may prefer that yours have distinct rights and obligations. We may evaluate and revise your partnership agreement if you currently have one, or we can design a new one for you to reflect any changes in your business.
Agency Agreements
If you're thinking about forming a commercial connection with an agent or distributor, you'll probably need an agency agreement to safeguard your rights and define the terms. If you already have a distribution or agency agreement in place, we may evaluate and update it or draft a new one for you.
Franchise Agreements
Whether you're a franchisor trying to protect your brand or a franchisee needing assistance negotiating the terms of a franchise agreement, our team of professionals can help you protect your franchise and assure its continued success.
Service Agreements
If you want to use the services of another business, Persona Finance can help you establish a service agreement that ensures that both parties understand their rights and responsibilities, and protects both companies' positions in the event of a termination or a contractual breach. We have a team of experts who will ensure that the service agreement lays out the process for providing services between two businesses in simple and efficient terms.
Employment Contracts
An employment contract is required by law to include a variety of contractual clauses, which might be perplexing for many employers. We are well-equipped with a team of specialists who can create a new employment contract or alter any existing ones you may have.
I was contacted by Daria from Persona Finance Ltd, who provided a really excellent, speedy and meticulous redrafting of a contract. Thank you!
— Eoin Fullam
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