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We are a team of experienced accountants and tax advisors based in London. Our mission is to provide personalised accounting services to both domestic and international clients across the United Kingdom and the European Union. As your accountants, we will always be there to ensure that all of your financial decisions are made in consideration of your own and your business’s best interests.
What our clients say about us
Josef Daley
Director of MyTradingCircle
I've been working with Persona Finance since near the end of 2020. My accountants have been very helpful, responsive and very forward thinking. They find and solve the problems in my businesses which I don't see myself. Successful people always say good accountants will save you more money then you spend on them and Persona Finance is definitely one of them. I would recommend Persona Finance to any business owner.
Artur Shamalov
Co-Founder of Jiffy Grocery
Though we have been working with Persona Finance for a while, we had a chance to check them in business. They have a detail- and client- oriented approach to their clients. All questions are resolved quickly, reliably with full responsibility, even those that go beyond the services provided under the contract. We highly recommend working with Persona Finance.
Udit Varma
CEO of UAP Trading Limited
Persona Finance has a highly educated and acknowledged team who are experts in the bookkeeping, accountancy law and regulations. They helped me to submit all information to the Companies House and HMRC. Always willing to help and have no problem to take urgent jobs over the weekend. Highly recommended and I will keep working with Persona Finance.
Khalid Al Araimi
Owner of Anchor Leg Technology Ltd
I have used Persona Finance Ltd to incorporate and register my company in the UK and in addition, got a payment system settled up. Their communication and service were exceptional, and I got what I need within the agreed time frame. Definitely, I will use Persona Finance for further services and highly recommend them!
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