Want to run your business like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)? Here are three of his business tips

With a net worth of $400 million, The Rock - Dwayne Johnson - is undeniably the most sought after Hollywood actor of 2021. Once a former professional wrestler and football player, The Rock has found mainstream success becoming somewhat of a household name.

Dwayne Johnson is very outspoken about his upbringing and the ways in which his family were living in poverty. Perhaps this has driven The Rock to become a philanthropist in his line of work and has even established himself as one of the most charitable celebrities in recent years.

He often donates to a multitude of philanthropic projects including the Beacon Campaign, Make a Difference Network, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Red Cross, Starlight Children’s Foundation and more. Additionally, The Rock has also established his own charity, The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, with the focus on working with terminally-ill children. 

Alongside his charity work, Dwayne Johnson has created many successful business ventures including starting his own production company, Seven Bucks Production - the name also refers to a point in time where he had only 7 bucks to his name. Additionally, The Rock has also collaborated with a major American sports manufacturer, Under Armor, to create his own sports collection too.

Dwayne Johnson is a universal celebrity and has a distinct way of communicating with his devoted audience, but more importantly he has established many successful brands that are noteworthy for aspiring business owners. There are other nuances and tips that are available online but we’ll highlight 3 of his biggest business tips here:

1 - Build a strong and consistent brand online
Dwayne Johnson has accumulated over 56 million followers across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media has become incredibly important for many businesses and it has become an integral part of our society.

Read our blog post on, "The Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Social Media Presence", for more information on whether your business needs to establish a digital presence.

In addition to this, you should also practice social media listening as this will allow your business to gain a better understanding of your consumer’s needs, thus allowing your business to create a stronger rapport with your target audience. 

2 - Establish a unique selling proposition
For each of his business ventures, we as the audience are aware of their sole selling points. For instance, his Under Armor collection targets a clear demographic which includes those who are avid sports fans and/ or are people looking to establish a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this collection is to sell athletic apparel and equipment to a particular group of people.

Your business can retain and attract new consumers when your USP is identifiable to others. Therefore, it is vital that you establish a clear USP and brand in order to become far more recognisable in a saturated market. 

3 - Expand your business
Dwayne Johnson has made a name for himself within the WWE bubble but only through his courage and business acumen was he able to ascend outside of this industry and into the world of Hollywood. Expansion can be a risky process as there is an element of unpredictability on whether your business can succeed or fail.

Contrastingly, expanding your business can enable your business to reach new markets and obtain new consumers as well. We understand that each business has different ambitions and goals, and perhaps expansion is not a priority for many of you, but looking at The Rock himself, we can see that expanding into different sectors and industries may prove to be profitable even for your own business. 

These are the 3 essential tips that we have learned from The Rock himself. We can all agree that it is an incredibly inspirational journey, one that has motivated many new and upcoming businesses. We also want to encourage you to utilise and incorporate these tips to grow and expand your own businesses as well. 

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