Working from Home: Best Tips to maximise Productivity during a Pandemic (2021)

The Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a major disruption for our economies, causing millions of job losses, and a multitude of companies to permanently close. It has forced our society to adapt by referring to different methods of working as a way to establish a semblance of normality in these uncertain times. 

Working from home became the new norm as more and more businesses are offering remote work for their employees in an effort to decrease the number of Coronavirus infections at their offices. 

It may sound daunting and non-effective for many as it means that our work and personal lives will inevitably converge. Many have preferred to work at their respective offices as it allows them to focus entirely on their work without the disruptions of their home life. 

There are some notable advantages of working from home, for example:

  • there is no need to commute to work - travelling can be quite disruptive to our routines as it may be time-consuming and for some, it can even be expensive;

  • office space can be expensive - some individuals may rent office space for their business needs, and by working from home you can essentially cut out this particular cost;

  • you can establish a more flexible schedule - working from home can enable you to focus on work tasks and personal home duties at the same time. For instance, you can wait in for an electrician to arrive should you need their services;

  • it can even be more environmentally friendly - for those who are eco-conscious, working from home can be a better alternative as you do not require cars or other modes of transportation for the purpose of work.

We understand how the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our work and personal lives and so we have compiled a list of essential tips for those who are thinking of transitioning their work from their office into their home. 

  • Establish a quiet work area
To work productively, you must commit to working in an area where there are fewer chances of distractions occurring. We advise not to work in an area where you can easily lose focus such as your bedroom, or kitchen area. If possible, create a unique working space with a dedicated desk with all of your work essentials in order to fully focus on your tasks at hand. 

  • Delegate tasks
Review your tasks regularly and evaluate which tasks can be handled by you. Upon evaluating these tasks, you can then proceed to delegate other duties to other employees as this will allow you to expend more time and energy on high priority tasks.

We must reiterate that not all tasks need to be completed by you and that delegating tasks can prevent you from being overwhelmed. 

  • Complete the hardest task first
We agree that completing the most difficult task first will set the momentum for the rest of the day which will enable you to complete other tasks more efficiently and effectively. It is understandable that you may be tempted to do the simplest task first and you may believe that completing these first will enable you to use the rest of the day to focus on harder tasks. However, this may prove to be counter-productive. 

  • Define your boundaries
It is incredibly important for you to establish your boundaries as doing so will effectively boost your own levels of productiveness. For instance, it is not advised to watch your favourite films and TV shows on Netflix whilst working as this will divert your attention away from more important work tasks. Technology is essential for remote workers as we often refer to it for communication purposes, but it can also be a major distraction.

This may prove to be a problem as you may find yourself browsing the Internet and spending precious time going through each and every social media platform. Define your boundaries by placing realistic restrictions in place to increase your level of productivity. 

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