How Shopify sellers can use SMS marketing to boost profits

SMS marketing has seen a significant uptick in popularity as more Shopify merchants spread the word about this effective tool. The potency of SMS marketing has grown as more people have joined in on the trend. 

You give your clients the option to opt-in using an SMS key code, just like you do with email newsletters. You can send promotional messages to them once they've signed up, and they can always opt out at any time. 

In today's blog post, we'll go over some of the primary reasons why SMS marketing can help you increase sales.

What is SMS Marketing?
‘SMS’ stands for "short message service," right? SMS is a marketing term that describes how a company communicates with customers via text messaging about campaigns, promotions, news, and other topics. 

SMS, like email marketing, is a medium that you own. This means you have complete control over who gets an SMS marketing message, what information you send, and when you send it. With text marketing, you have complete control over the experience your clients receive with this marketing channel from beginning to end. 

Aside from SMS messages, you can also send MMS (multimedia message service) messages to your consumers. You can also send photographs or GIFs with these messages.

Is SMS Marketing a viable option for my Shopify store?
For your Shopify store, this form of promotion can be highly powerful. Depending on how you want to promote your Shopify shop, you can use these two methods of SMS marketing; promotional and transactional messages.

Promotional SMS messages are text messages that you send to your audience in order to boost sales, advertise a product, or raise brand awareness. 

You can use these messages to inform your customers about the launch of a new product, to offer a special deal or promotion, to share business announcements, to promote branded events, and even to provide suggestions on how to use the things you're selling.

Transactional SMS messages are texts that convey information that your consumers require, such as order confirmation or delivery data. Texting customers delivery updates after they make a purchase could be a wonderful method to keep them informed and promote client loyalty.

All data trends for SMS marketing messages indicate that it is one of the most effective channels for customer targeting. Now that you know what SMS marketing is and how it can be used as part of your marketing strategy, we'll explain why you should start using it to promote your Shopify business right away:

  • Automate your business
You can use SMS automation to provide a personalised experience for your customers by sending them appropriate calls to action, keeping them up to date on the status of their orders, alerting them if there is a payment mistake, and so on. 

  • Conduct further research on your customers
Because SMS encourages customers to interact with you, you can anticipate them answer your surveys as well. And research backs up this assumption, claiming that 31% of customers will answer an SMS survey.

  • Better than email marketing
Despite the rise of social media messaging, SMS remains the most popular feature among smartphone users. Email marketing has been around since the internet's birth and remains one of the most popular modes of communication. 

You don't need a greeting, a signature, or any other type of formality while writing an SMS text. Instead, it's more relaxed and approachable, which draws customers in even more.

  • Increase sales
By the end of 2020, approximately 50 million customers had signed up to receive SMS texts from brands, according to a study. CTAs were reacted to by 33% of those surveyed, and 47% of those surveyed made a purchase.

  • Simple integration
You should not have difficulty implementing SMS marketing as Shopify integrates effortlessly with popular SMS marketing programmes like Attentive, PostScript, SimpleTexting, and Gorgias (customer support app). 

SMS marketing cannot be undervalued and should be seriously considered amongst other marketing methods as well. With this in mind, we hope that this article provided great insight and value for our readers. For more information on our services and how we can further provide value for your business, please contact Persona Finance at [].