The Most Effective CRM for Small Businesses (2021)

Everyone wishes to expand their small business. Getting new clients, scaling operations, and increasing your bottom line, on the other hand, all necessitate investing in the proper areas.

There are numerous SaaS CRM choices available today that provide genuine value to small organisations. Here is a list of the most popular CRM software for small businesses to get you started. To say the least, we are going to talk about 3 of them, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Less Annoying CRM, that's right, it's named Less Annoying CRM
The Advantages: Less Annoying CRM (also known as LACRM) is tailored to the needs of small organisations. They provide an all-inclusive, single-price package for task management, contact management, lead monitoring, and ensuring follow-ups are carried out.

When it comes to maintaining all of your customers and other contacts, following your leads through pipelines, and staying on top of events and tasks, LACRM's lean but agile toolkit has you covered (in the easy-to-use calendar and agenda forms).

Emails sent and received outside of a CRM platform can be logged within LACRM, which assigns each user a unique email logging address (for which you create a contact with whatever email provider you use).

Disadvantages:There are no app connectors, which may be a big disadvantage depending on your requirements. Notifications are sent by SMS or email, but not in-app.

  • CRM by Freshworks
The Advantages: Freshworks CRM is a new and better version of the selling platform Freshsales, developed by business software provider Freshworks. The tool's immediate benefit is its unification of all things marketing and sales with a heavy dose of AI.

There are three primary cloud packages available here: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Customer-for-Life Cloud, with the latter offering the greatest of all CRM features. It covers methods for prospecting for new leads, such as effective email marketing. This combines live chat and telephony services for communication. You get complete contract life cycle management as well as other sales tools to help you drive leads down the funnel. Workflows and sales sequences can also be configured. There is a lot of room for customisation when it comes to your CRM contact profile data. Finally, Freddy AI, the intelligent machine helper, appears. Freshworks CRM features good mobile apps as well.

The Disadvantages: As with many suppliers, some of the finer features are only available in premium packages. Freshworks CRM features include time-based workflows, chatbot tools, and comprehensive metric reporting. However, the free and basic plans are a good place to start, and you may always upgrade later.

  • Keap
The Advantage: Keap is a contact management and sales pipeline platform that is specifically designed to assist small, self-employed, and even home-run businesses and e-commerce operations.

It all starts with creating and maintaining a great leads database. Importing contact lists from other CRMs, scanning business cards, converting complicated spreadsheets, simple manual entry, or setting up a custom form on your page are all ways to collect contact information. You can also add custom fields to the contact information.

For Keap, after finishing the task and getting paid, everything comes to a halt—and then restarts — with "staying connected." This is their commitment to converting leads into delighted clients who will not only return but also spread the word via referrals.

The Disadvantages: Keap has a lot of features, which can make it appear intimidating at first (and you may not end up using a lot of them). The number of integrations is limited. Individuals on a tight budget may find the price point to be a stumbling hurdle.

The best CRM systems for small businesses will assist you in determining where to focus your efforts — organising and streamlining all of your business operations to improve them. It is important to first think about whether your business needs a CRM system in the first place, read our blog, "Is a CRM system needed for my company?" to gain a better understanding.

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