Why is it important to have a Personal Accountant?

In-house accountant is essential for large businesses but entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses often do all finance by themselves. The owners spend much time not only on developing their business but also on learning how to do bookkeeping, deal with taxes and etc. Sometimes mistakes are done and money can be lost. Persona Finance is remote accounting firm and we are focused on helping young companies to develop. This is our mission.

The personal accountant plays vital role on all stages of the business. They help:

For The Start-Ups:

  • Choose the right business structure for your area of business;
  • Perform financial analysis for your business plan;
  • Set up personalised accounting software for your business;
  • Providing advice and assistance on registration of office and opening the bank account;
  • Making sure your accounting procedures comply with government regulations and requirements;
  • Providing advice on day-to-day business activities and importance of tracking the expenses.

For Day-To-Day Business Operations:

  • Analysing your financial statements to optimise processes and expenses;
  • Set up the payroll and payment process;
  • Optimising taxes throughout the financial year;
  • Filling and Submitting quarterly and annual reports to the Companies House and HMRC.

Expanding Business:

  • By analysing cash flow patterns, inventory management, pricing the accountant can give you advices on which areas owner has to focus to grow business;
  • Prepare you for and guide you through an audit process;
  • Provide you with the financial year forecast to make better business decisions;
  • Discuss your business goals and create a business budget to achieve them;
  • Help with any business stage and provide with professional advice.

Nowadays the accountant is not a privilege but a necessity. Persona Finance Ltd is ready to help businesses to grow and we have flexible pricing to meet customers needs. The accountant is the professional who is always there for you to support and advice on best business decisions. Start today and have a Free Consultation on your business!

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