How to submit and pay Tax Return Online?

How to submit and pay Tax Return? Th answer is through Government Gateway.

What is Government Gateway?

The Government Gateway is a main website where the UK residents can register to use online government services. Every person can use the User ID and password thats is received during the Company Registration Process.

A Government Gateway account is created when you enrol (or sign-up) for a government online service for the first time. If you have accessed government online services previously, you may therefore already have a Government Gateway account – if not then you need to apply for it again.

Applying to recover those details is a long process with many peculiarities. This means that person who did not do it before will be lost in the number of actions that has to be done. Because of it Persona Finance Ltd can provide you with this service and order the new Government Gateway Id and Password.

After applying you need to wait as the HMRC sends the details by mail within 5-7 working days.

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