When can I add a new director to my company? What is the max number of my company’s directors?

If you need to replace a director or appoint an additional director after your company is incorporated (registered), the managers (if permitted) or the shareholders will need to complete the AP01 or AP02 form. This form must be submitted to Companies House within 14 days of the appointment. You can mail it or send it online. You can ask Persona Finance to help you with the submission.

If you submit the form online, the appointment will be recorded and updated in the Companies House register within 24 hours of receipt. If you send it by post, it will take longer.

How many managers can a company have?

Every private company limited by shares or limited by guarantee must have at least one director. There is no upper limit generally, so you can usually hire as many managers as you want or need. However, some companies include a provision in their articles of association to limit the number of directors they can appoint simultaneously.

If the company only has one director, then that director must be a human person. You cannot have a single director who is another company/corporate entity, but you can appoint a company director if the company already has at least one human director in that position. On the other hand, companies (PLCs) must have at least two directors at all times.

Your company must never be without a director. If your company has only one director and the director has been fired or resigned, you must appoint a new director before terminating the current person's appointment to the position.

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