Things to do in business before the Christmas Break

The end of the working year is a manic time for any business owner, it is easy to forget about the basic tasks from your checklist, so here are some tips for what to do at the end of the year. Please check what needs to be configured before the holidays so you get on vacation as soon as possible.

1. Inform your customers/suppliers of Christmas trading

If you are closing for Christmas break or your staff is out of service, now is the time to make sure your customers are informed. If your customers order products from you, it is also important to let them know when is the cut off date to receive goods before the end of the year.

2. Make sure you have sufficient cash flow for the holiday season

If you are not in a retail business, the Christmas holidays can be a challenge for small businesses. It's important to make sure you don't miss the opportunity and have a tough start to the year. Calculate your Christmas and get your invoices out and paid beforehand to assist in your cash flow management.

3. Make sure your payroll is being processed

Automate payroll and process payments so you don't have to interrupt your vacation.

4. Clean up your mailbox and tie up any loose ends

You want a stress-free vacation and get ready for the New Year. After making sure you've done everything you need to and clearing your inbox, you can start your vacation feeling satisfied and relaxed.

5. Review your goals and set new ones.

After celebrating a year with too many glasses of champagne at the office Christmas party. The best way to define your intentions for 2021 is to rethink your goals and set new ones.

We hope you have had a great year in business and enjoy a well deserved Christmas break!

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