The Submission process of Annual Accounts to the Companies House

To submit annual accounts to Companies House, you must enter the Companies House authentication code, which can be done in the Company Details tab.

«Email address for messages» Enter the address to which emails from Companies House should be sent for this submission. If an email address has been set as part of the presenter details, it will already be displayed.

«Tick to confirm you wish to submit these accounts» You must check this box to confirm the sending. This will allow you to click Submit to send the submission to Companies House.

After clicking Submit, the accounts will be sent to Companies House. This may take a few seconds.

Submission failures

If the submission fails, a message is displayed with details of why the submission failed. The most common reason for a failed submission is an Authorisation Failure. This can be caused by:

- An incorrect presenter ID and/or password.

- The company authentication code is invalid.

- Company name is not exactly the same as that held by Companies House.

Other errors may be reported, including a temporary unavailability of the Companies House online system. Check the error message and take the appropriate action. Click Start Again to restart the submission process.

Processing by Companies House

Once successfully submitted, the submission details will be saved and the accounts will be processed by Companies House. A message will appear on the website stating that the accounts are being processed. The information is updated every minute to see if the accounts have been accepted or rejected.

You can choose to leave this page and return to the accounts later to see if they have been accepted.

Accepted or rejected by Companies House

After the accounts are submitted to Companies House, you need to return to the submission page and review the submission details to collect the Companies House response, there is no confirmed time to 'verify' an answer, we recommend in any case to wait at least 48 hours after submission to receive the response.

Should you receive a ‘polling’ reminder from Companies House, it is an indication that the above process has not been completed for all submitted accounts.

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